Listing Application

Listing Requirements

Tulipex will do due diligence on all token listing applications. As such, token listing parties must satisfy the following requirements:

1. The project must provide a white paper for evaluation.

About Tulipex

Tulipex is the world’s leading digital asset management platform. Through the use of multiple risk control systems, our professional team strictly screens high-value investments at home and abroad. In addition, with our experience in the financial and blockchain industries, we will continually strive to introduce excellent investments to our clients. Our goal is to help investors make more rational allocations of their digital assets.

Safe and Secure
We utilize high-level SSL encryption transmission protocol and cold storage to guarantee the confidentiality of user information

Privacy Policy

In connection with your interest in Tulipex Limited acquisition and using of Tulipex Limited and related services we outline ongoing obligations of Tulipex Limited. (hereinafter referred to as the”Company” ) to you in respect of how the This Company manages your Personal Information.

Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing User Guidelines

1: Purpose and Basis 

In view of the fact that money laundering activities will seriously jeopardize the development of digital asset transactions, foster breeding corruption, ruin social atmosphere, damage the legitimate rights and interests of users, undermine the foundation of the stable operation of digital asset trading platforms, and increase the legal and operational risks of digital asset trading platforms, Tulipex, in order to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing activities, and fully implement the relevant provisions of the anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism financing laws, implements these guidelines in accordance with the provisions of the “Tulipex Anti-Money Laundering Rules”, “User Agreement”, and “Management Measures for Large-value Transactions”.

Legal Disclaimer

The content of www.Tulipex.com (“This Website”) is intended to provide to its best efforts in financial products and trading platform of professional and international standards for the majority of global digital assets enthusiasts and investors, on the precondition that it does not violate any of the relevant laws and regulations of Hong Kong. It is prohibited to use this Website for the purpose of engaging in such illegal trading activities as money laundering, smuggling, and commercial bribery; where any account is found to involve any of the aforementioned illegal activities, this Website will freeze the account and immediately report such account to the competent authority.

Terms of Service

1. Agreement Conditions

Tulipex Limited reserves the right to modify or change the Terms at any time and at its sole discretion. Tulipex Limited will provide notice of these changes by updating the revised Terms on the webpage (www.Tulipex.com) and changing the “[Last revised: ]” date on this page. Any and all modifications or changes to these Terms will be effective immediately upon being announced on the website or released to users. As such, your continued use of Tulipex Limited’s services acts as acceptance of the amended agreement and rules. If you do not agree to any modification to these Terms, you must stop using the Services. Tulipex Limited encourages you to frequently review the Terms to ensure you understand the terms and conditions that apply to your access to, and use of, the Services.